GenesisTK is

Innovative technologies for the inter-apartment and interior walls and partitions construction


The essence of the technology is based on the construction of walls and partitions by the method of concrete spraying, in which the concrete mixture is applied under pressure and at high speed onto a prepared surface reinforced with a mesh metal frame – in one or several layers






The Wet Method

The wet method of spraying is a pneumatic spraying method in which the sealed concrete mixture is supplied to the nozzle unit by means of a special concrete pump for continuous spraying under pressure in the form of a directed jet. 

The Dry Method

The dry method of spraying is a spraying method in which cement and filler are pre-metered and mixed before being fed into a special pneumatic apparatus from which they are fed into a stream of compressed air under high pressure and fed through a system of hoses and pipelines to the nozzle unit where they are wetted by the water injected under pressure and sprayed in the form of a directed jet at the installation site.

The concrete spraying advantage over other methods is the complete mechanization of processes

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